FaucetGamers.com was founded as a spin off site from Cointiply.com when its passive “mining game” collapsed and some temporary distrust of Cointiply ensued. Cointiply has regained its trust as a credible site, but this site slowly grew nevertheless, as a place for Faucet game lovers to collectively evaluate earning sites. It slowly evolved into its very own earning site hopefully with a competitive edge over the rest. The site is founded and run by a trusted Cointiply mod since summer 2018, Mr. Brightside. 

Mr. Brightside has experience in a wide range of subjects with formal education degrees in Mathematics and computer science and has spent years evaluating various crypto sites, earning sites, and other advertising companies to help make FaucetGamers distinctly fun and rewarding to its users. Also trusted members on the team of FaucetGamers providing guidance and marketing support are several other well regarded figures in the crypto community Earncryptomania and Rocabit. Earncryptomania is a chat moderator at several other BTC sites including Cointiply and Rocabit has been a chat moderator in the past. Both have years of experience in the crypto earning industry.