To avoid having your withdrawal held and get it the week it was requested, simply follow our Terms of Service.

If your withdrawal is held, it is mostly likely because we detected some activity that violates our terms of service.

Currently, the most common reason for a "Hold" is engaging in IP masking through VPN or Proxy use. We examine your offer wall competitions to see if they were done through a questionable IP address.
In this case, your hold will last 30 days while we see if your offer will be reversed by our 3rd party affiliate.
Simply put, if we don't get paid, you don't get paid. If for some reason your Bitcoin address changes in those 30 days, please contact our support.

If in the end your withdrawal does go through successfully, please do not continue to engage in IP masking! Subsequent withdrawals will result in forfeiture of all earnings! Our 3rd party affiliate offerwalls require truthful users to satisfy their advertising partners.

To check your IP to see if it may appear fraudulent please check out: