PLEASE NOTE: We do not own or control the offer walls in which you do offers on. Sometimes offers on their end have errors and do not credit or simply do not accept what you feel is a completed action. Unfortunately, we can not verify if you successfully completed an offer or not if it does not appear in our site's database. Be cautious when doing offers, as we are not responsible for any loss of time or money from them. 

For high paying offers, be proactive! Take screenshots showing your completion of them and any required steps. 

Our Recommendations if your tokens do not appear:

  1. Wait 48 hours. Many of the higher paying offers require manual verification by the advertisers affiliated with the offer wall before they credit. 

  2. Make sure you have met all the requirements necessary to be awarded. (Example: Reaching a certain level in a game).
  3. Document your completion with screenshots showing clear proof. 

  4. Contact the offer wall by opening a support ticket with them. We have no way of verifying on our end, so you must contact them.  If you are kind to them, they are more likely to listen. Be ready to submit your picture proof as well if it was a game offer. Picture proof on surveys are usually not required. I personally wouldn't bother wasting time for surveys less than $1, as for the time wasted claiming it, you could just be doing another survey. One of the most common reason you don't get paid on surveys is quality control questions that automatically trigger a no payment. 

  5. Wait for a response with patience! They likely have thousands of tickets to deal with, so a response may take several days or even a week. 

  6. Don't be discouraged! Keep trying to earn more from other offers while you wait. Remember you can never get credit from all offers, but if you are an honest person, you should get credit for most. 

Note: If you have personally invested money for a particular offer and used a Credit Card, please open a support ticket with us, and we can investigate. However, there may be nothing we can do in some cases beyond this. Also, it may be helpful to provide the offerwall your IP address that you did the offer on as well and site user ID, which we can provide you if needed.

Here are some ways to get in touch with the offerwalls on our site. Thank you for the helpful information:

AdGem has a Reward Status link at the top of their offerwall. Use that link to to check the status of individual offers, and to open a ticket if needed. The company also has a  special contact page on their own website for members having trouble receiving rewards. 

AdscendMedia & Hideout.TV includes a support button on the top right of its home page. Click that link to see a list of your Adscend offers, with a contact link next to each one. There is also a contact form available on Adscend's site.
For HideoutTV related questions, you can use their support ticket system here

AyeTstudios has a customer support form at this link  Please wait at least 24 hours after the offer has been completed to contact support.  

'CPX-Research please open up the CPX side popup view to do surveys on the Offerwall home page by clicking the "Earn now..." link (see image below). Then click the three lines and open up the Statistics summary page. Find your survey that did not credit and click "Help?". Scroll down and fill in the support ticket. 

Lootably to be honest their support does not usually side with the user. However, you can still contact them providing picture proof and voice a complaint at has a support button on the bottom of their offer page (see below). 

 OfferToro has a support link labeled "My Coins" at the top right corner of their offerwall. That link includes a history of all your OfferToro offers, including the status of that offer. For offers that haven't been completed, use the contact link for that offer to start a ticket. In addition, there is an email contact option at 

Revenue Wall offers a History link at the top right corner of their offerwall. You can use that to check the status of surveys you have started. In addition, there is a Contact Us link at the very bottom of their offerwall. Clicking that opens a form that allows you to start a ticket.

TheoremReach offers support through the "?" in the purple circle in the lower left corner of their offerwall. Surveys over 30 days are not eligible for help. They also have an email address for users at, and a contact form on their site. Try the Support form in the offerwall first, as it is recommended.

If you have any issues with YourSurveys, such as being blocked or banned by YourSurveys, please contact YourSurveys directly using the Support link at the top of the YourSurveys offerwall. You can open a ticket with YourSurveys regarding your issue. If one survey didn't credit, you are better off to move on and try again rather than investigating it. However, if there are several surveys that did not credit, or it has been over a week and no reply has been given to your ticket, please open up a support ticket with us at for help.