Our Loyalty Points system is an unique, fun way to reward our active users for visiting the site each day and doing offers. 

How to get Loyalty Points: 

  • Signing in each day generates 3 free loyalty points (resets at midnight UTC)
  •  A user will earn an additional loyalty point for every 500 GTs in offer earnings they complete. This includes but is not limited to surveys, video credits, app downloads, free trials and signups, and pay to click offers. 
  • The max LPs a user can have in their balance is 1500 at a time.

Benefits of Loyalty Points: 

  • Boost faucet claims up to 100% if a user has at least 100 Loyalty Points
  • Offer loyalty boost up to 10% calculated by your loyalty points divided by 10
  • Redeeming 1 LP each hour allows access to our high paying hourly faucet
  • Redeeming 3 LPs once a day allows access to play Pacman, which earns a max of 200 GTs per day
  • Having extra loyalty over 100 means that you should never lose your boost on faucet and offerwalls if you miss a day
  • Each Loyalty Point can be exchanged for 10 GTs at the Exchange page if one has too many to use on the faucet.  
  • For the upcoming passive game, every 10 LPs will be a 1% boost (up to 100%), in the daily Pirate earning pool.  

Maximum Faucet and Offerwall Bonus:  A 100 Loyalty Bonus will double faucet claims (100% increase) and earn an additional 10% on all offer walls site wide. These Game Tokens will not show up when viewing offers on the 3rd party offer walls but will be applied upon completion in your Site Activity and Notifications.

How do I lose Loyalty Points?  Your Loyalty number decreases by 10 each day that you do not complete an offer on our site. This will decrease your offerwall bonus by 1% and faucet claim bonus by 10% if you have less than 100 Loyalty Points.
(Note: Pac-Man, faucet, and other games do not count as offers. Also, Forum posts and social media following and other offers to promote the site are manually added, so do not automatically maintain loyalty. If you feel that you lost loyalty unfairly, please put in a support ticket, and we'll address it for you.)

When does the loyalty day reset:  The loyalty day resets at midnight UTC. If you fail to complete any offer in a day, your loyalty will drop at midnight UTC. After midnight UTC, you will be eligible to earn 3 bonus daily sign in LPs again.