Game Tokens (GTs) are the main site currency that is equivalent to $0.0001 USD.
Thus, $0.01 = 100 GTs and $1.00 = 10000 GTs.

The amount of Bitcoin a GT is worth will fluctuate based on the price of Bitcoin.
Our site holds your money in USD to reduce the volatility in value of your earnings. Upon withdrawal approval and processing, your USD earnings will be converted to cryptocurrency at the current prevailing rate using an exchange. 

Gold Coins (GCs) were added for Crypto Pirate Game investment and pool payments and are soon to replace Game Tokens for site withdrawals. They have the same value as Game Tokens. 

More Important Details: 

– Game Tokens and Gold Coins have equivalent value and can be exchanged 1 for 1 on the site's exchange.

– You can only exchange GTs to GCs, so cannot reverse and exchange GCs to GTs

– The Crypto Pirate game can increase your earnings so may be worth playing rather than simply exchanging. 

– GTs or GCs can be withdrawn once your balance in them reaches 20,000 GTs ($2 USD). 

– You must have a minimum of 10,000 GTs in Offerwall Earnings for your first withdrawal.