FaucetGamers has many earning opportunities and more coming soon! Here are the most common ways to earn Game Tokens on this site. Game Tokens are stored on the site in terms of USD, but are converted to BitCoin upon withdrawal of your earnings. All earnings may be forfeited if you violate our Terms of Service including IP hiding of any way, VPN/Proxy use, and multiple accounts within the same household. 

Offerwalls! - Offer walls have a collection of ways to earn but are not limited to:

Surveys - We have partnerships with many great survey providers including TheoremReach and CPX-Research (both pay if you don't qualify for a survey). Your Surveys, Revenue Wall, Opinion Capital also offer high paying surveys. Persona.ly (offering SurveyTime), OfferToro, AdGem, and most other offerwalls all have several survey options as well!

App Downloads - AdGem and OfferToro offer many great mobile phone apps (many games) to download to earn tokens!

Offer Trials - Adscend, AdGem, OfferToro, Persona.ly all have some really high paying offers for signing up for things (some pay some free) such as Hulu subscriptions, signing up for other sites, and many more.

Video Streaming - Adscend Media features HideoutTV where you can earn thousands of tokens each day by streaming videos. Lootably offers a similar way to earn as well. Engaged Hits is another interesting way to earn while watching videos. 

Bonus Tasks - A list of bonus tasks to earn extra GTs is available on the home page under Stats and Achivements

Playing Games!

Crypto Pirate Game - New to the site in July 2021 is a passive earning game. Become a Crypto Pirate on our site by investing your Game Tokens into Pirate ships that are guaranteed to give you 5 to 20% more earnings! Build your fleet as big as possible to earn some from our daily Pirate Prize Pool as well!

Pac-Man - Every day earn 200 Game Tokens for playing Pacman!  Skill not required. You can play as many times as you need to get to 200 Game Tokens. Though it will make you earn quicker! Eligibility for the game resets at midnight UTC. 

Other Arcade html5 Games - We often run html5 browser game sweepstakes! You can also try to be our past top scores at these games. If you get a score in the top 10 of all time on our site, submit it, and we will give you a nice prize!

Daily Sweepstakes - Put a few Game Tokens into our daily drawing to multiply their earnings. 5 winners will be drawn each day from all eligible entries. 


10%-15% of your referral offer wall earnings will be credited to your account and 25%-30% of your referral Pac-Man earnings will be credited to your account!  The more referrals you have the higher the percentage. See our referral page for details.