In order to reward users for being committed to earning more on our site and reducing our workload, we are rewarding users for withdrawing more than the minimum.

This is only eligible for Game Token (GT) withdrawals (not Gold Coin withdrawals).
A GT withdrawal bonus will be instantly credited back to a users account in Gold Coins (GCs) upon requesting a withdraw.

These bonuses apply only to your site offerwall earnings current balance. These do not apply to faucet, arcade game, referral, passive earning game, and sweepstakes winnings.

Current bonus rates:    

at least 200,000 GTs withdrawn = 5% bonus GCs back on offerwall earnings

at least 300,000 GTs withdrawn = 10% bonus GCs back on offerwall earnings

at least 400,000 GTs withdrawn = 15% bonus GCs back on offerwall earnings

at least 500,000 GTs withdrawn = 20% bonus GCs back on offerwall earnings

All bonuses will be forfeited if your withdraw gets declined or canceled for whatever reason.

Regardless of withdrawal type, you will always withdrawal your offerwall earnings first for both GT and GC withdrawals. Upon withdrawals, your offerwall earnings balance will go down. Thus, any withdrawal will decrease the eligible amount for this bonus, so withdrawal wisely. 

Playing Crypto Pirates offers a more rewarding bonus on all site earnings with possible pool rewards. This bonus is awarded in the Pirate daily payment, which is made in Gold Coins.